Corporate Benefits

LTC Solution, LLC's Management Information Suite was developed by developers, owners, and operators for developers, owners and operators. We know our industry and what is needed to provide the best possible service, affordable and problem free management possible. That is why our Management Information Suite was developed and why it is the best and most powerful retirement/assisted living management tool available. LTC's MIS pulls it all together - especially for management.
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Renting Up & Managing Occupancy

Everything begins with occupancy.  Without it there's no revenue to go forward. Our Marketing program captures potential resident prospects then tracks them from first meeting to move-in.  Their information flows seamlessly through their entire stay at your facility.

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Setting and Managing Your Budget

While everything begins with occupancy, effective management begins with accurate and useful budgeting and budget management.  Our budgeting program is detailed, easy to use and allows you to track your facility's performance in real time.

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Processing Your Accounting
includes a powerful accounting program. Your budget flows directly to the accounting program. Invoices, accounts payable all fit neatly together. All accounting data can be seen in real time and is accessible anywhere you have internet access.