Why Did We Create LTC Solution?


LTC Solution, LLC came into existence in 2006.  We are owners and operators of retirement/assisted living facilities. 

We realized the need to gather and maintain records in a consolidated and easy to access format so we could provide our residents with the best care possible.  Costly redundancy and inaccurate copying of information cut down on efficiency and time spent with residents.

We searched for a program to address our needs and goals.  Unfortunately we could not find such a program.  Instead we found some good programs that did some of what we needed but none that did it all in an easy to use integrated manner.  Creating our own program allowed us to eliminate duplicate entries, have to learn only one program and have all information flow together.  This freed up our staff's time for the important tasks - being with and caring for our residents. All your information, from prospect to move-in & move-out, from work order to completed tasks, scheduling staff, medication administration, assessments, plan of care, budgeting, invoicing  are in one easy to learn and use program.  Our Management Information Suite is here to  help you run your facility in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

We know our
Management Information Suite
works. We use it and we invite you to do so and let it work for you too!